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The Cyprus furniture & Woodworking Industry Association (PASYVEX) was established in 1959 and on the 13 November 1971 was registeredunder the Trade Unions Law.

PASYVEX now numbers more than 85 member Companies manufacturing Furniture and Woodwork which are classified in the large and medium enterprises of the sector.

Since its establishment (PASYVEX) was incorporated in the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) thus benefiting from the advantages and experiences provided to all its members. After Cyprus's accession to the European Union, PASYVEX became a full member of the European Furniture Manufacturers Federation - UEA.

PASYVEX abides by the principle that the coexistence of all members of the association on a partnership basis is a cornerstone for the sustainable development of the sector in Cyprus. The development and improvement of the professional standard of members, the tightening of the relations between them as well as promotion of a spirit of consolidation and close cooperation will help towards the elimination of unfair competition and the creation of synergical effects which will allow more progress and development of the enterprises and at the same time it will resolve serious problems.

The main concern of the Association is to safeguard and promote the business interests of its members offering support, development and progress to the whole sector. Since its establishment PASYVEX has been working methodically in order to implement its goals and realize its vision.

PASYVEX and International Representation
PASYVEX, being the sole representative of the Cyprus Furniture & Woodworking Industry in the European Furniture Manufacturers Federation - UEA and the World Furniture & Wood Organization, is an active member in decision making centres (related to the sector) both in European and international levels.

Within the framework of promoting Furniture exports, the Association plans and carries out market research aiming at collecting the necessary information which will assist the participation of members in International Furniture Exhibitions. 

Furthermore trade missions aiming in penetrating Cyprus’s furniture in important furniture markets. The export promotion activities are co-organized with the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry& Tourism.

The contribution and the work of PASYVEX for the sector and the wider socio-economic system in general, is reflected in the participation of the members of the Board in discussion and decision making centres in important national and state institutions and bodies:

  • Board of Directors of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB)
  • Industry Cooperation Council
  • Aliens Employment Committee of the Ministry of Labour
  • Safety & Health Committee of the Ministry of Labour
  • Furniture and Woodworking Industry Provident Fund
  • Labour Dispute Court
  • Apprentice Scheme Committee Ministry of Labour

PASYVEX's paramount aim is to serve the interests of the Enterprises/ members of the Association, which has become more and more imperative under the new market conditions as they have been developed after Cyprus's accession to the EU and market globalization.


To maintain the Furniture and Woodwork Industry as one of the most important and thriving Manufacturing Sector of the country's economy.

To maintain the competitiveness of the Cyprus Furniture and Woodworking Industries both in the domestic and the world market.


To promote the economic, labour, environmental and legislative issues related to the sector, through collective and methodical representations to the government, the legislative power and other social partners, for a detailed discussion and solution of problems.

To maintain and promote relations and contacts between Enterprises / Members of the sector and to operate as the major representative of the Cyprus Furniture & Woodworking Industries in Cyprus and EU.

To fully inform members on a systematic basis on technical, socio-economic and labour issues related to the sector in a national, European and international level.

To contribute to healthy industry relations through the conclusion of collective agreement.

To create the necessary climate and culture for continuing education and “lifelong learning” among Enterprises / Members, which will guarantee their long term competitiveness.

To safeguard the provision of sufficient number of technicians and staff in the Industry each year, as well as their suitable preparation before entering the sector.

Assist its members to have access in the Community Funds.

To upgrade the image of the Association and the whole sector in Cyprus through company responsibility and governance of its Businesses / Members.

To attract new and trained personnel to the sector who will respond with current and future skills of companies.

To inform and achieve access of the Association on a contributory basis to electronic data banks related to the sector as well as market analysis and consumer preferences. Thus the members will be provided free of charge with the opportunity to obtain the tools for decision making for future entrepreneurship.

To upgrade the services provided to Members through continuous education and information related to the sector, such as E-business, E-learning etc.

To place emphasis on the creation and provision of high added value products and innovations by its Members who will sustain competitive advantage.

To consolidate and regulate legally the profession depending on the capacity of each business and the degree of risk for each project undertaken, in order to upgrade the services provided to the client on one hand, since the registered contractor must have the relevant infrastructure and follow the correct procedures and protect the contractor, on the other hand, from unfair competition.

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